četrtek, 06. december 2007

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This is a basketall spirit. Playing basketball with closed eyes.

sreda, 21. november 2007

My ideal workplace is...

This is my ideal workplace. It's must be a lot of space, becouse of this reason, that you have feeling, that are you in something larger building.
Building must have large windows, that extremely more light can come inside the place. In summer, when it's outside very hot, must have your work place aircondition. You can have also enough maneuvering place, that you can move unlimitedly and that you have ideal working conditions.

My workplace it's basketball court, for now. The hall is very big in nice, there are soo much place and you can do many thing if you like.
I cannot imagine of better job, as playing basketball. You earn some money next to one and the second you enjoy playing basketball.

This is my opinion what kind of look like position at work. With own I'm for now still satisfied and I hope, that I will work also in future on such places.

četrtek, 08. november 2007

My first contact with Internet

I excually don't know when I started using the internet. Maybe 10 years ago, when I started secundary school in Nova Gorica. I started using internet for charting on the web chartroom IRc. On the begining we have usual line, that time went more and more slowly. 4 years ago we got ADSL connection, since then it's all changed, all goes more faster. Now I using internet for talking on messenger with my friends, watching NBA games on internet TV, playing video games and for school. I'm very glad, that internet became accessible for everybody, becouse is only a "click" side from all newest news around the world.

I cannot imagine my life without computer, becouse he became urgent evil.

ponedeljek, 15. oktober 2007

Let's play Golf

Rules of Golf

Golf is a game with more than 600 years tradition. We can play golf alone or together with partner.
This demands special respect of play and players. We must consider basic principles of beautiful and save behaviour on golf court. We must keep on mind, that we are from themes, when we became golf players, took over also task of keeping of tradition of this wonderful play. We must pay attention on:
- you don't play, as long as group before you didn't move away enough
- you scream "for", if your ball could hit someone
- you don't move around, speak or stand too close, when someone is doing blow
- you can't stand on putting line of other player
- repair grass on playground and prints of balls on greens
- don't throw irons on green and you don't lean on putter
- take carefully and stuff small flag to hole

General rules:

- allowed to is not to use more than 14 irons
- when you start play, you must to mark your ball. If the ball will be hurt during your play, you will be able to make change with second ball
- player is responsible for correct result of every hole on score card
- you must come on start on certain start time and to play in certain group
- you may not do treining swings during the play, just putting and chiping on last played hole
- you may give no participant advices anyone player on competition, who is on the court. You either may not ask for advice just so.

That it's just general rules of golf. I would spend hours for telling all rules of golf, becouse is too much for my small blog.
If you like look more in detail rule of golf, you can visit web page of golf association of Slovenia. (http://www.golfportal.info)

Have a nice day :)

četrtek, 11. oktober 2007

Something about playing basketball in Portugal ( European basketball championship for students)

Last year I went with Slovenian students (Universty of Ljubljana) on the European Basketball Championship in Portugal. The competition lasted one week. We were play with other nation teams like University of Vytautas Magnus, LTU, University of Siauliai, LTU, University of Paris 7, FRA, University of Göttingen, GER. We won the 2nd place. We lost in the final with University of Vytautas Magnus. They have a very good players, witch are playing in the big club in Europe today.
I had been selectet in the 1st team like "the best" playmaker on the tournament. It's a very interesting experience. In the afternoon we had match and after the match we went on party in the center of town.

I spend a loot of time with my big friend Saša Mučič-Mučo. We play together already at younger selections in Nova Gorica basketball club, after that we are play still together in first league for Kraški Zidar basketball club. Now he continues sportingly way on Hungary in town Pakš, where he plays professional basketball.

This year were playing European championship in Switzerland in Geneva town, but any more concerning about this comes later. :)

ponedeljek, 08. oktober 2007

About me

I'm Rok Močnik. I live in Deskle. This is a small village near the Soča river . I play basketball in the 1st national league for the Kraški Zidar basketball club. I have practise 2 hours every day, matches on Saturdays and rest on Sundays. I was in Ljubljana for the past 2 years, because I also studied at the faculty of sport as a part-time student. I quit studying in Ljubljana, because I didn't pass same exams so I decided to enrol in this vocational collage. This year I started working on a golf court in Šempeter pri Gorici.